I am a professional nature and wildlife photographer based in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (Canada). The Yukon is my home and a state of diverse and stunning natural beauty. I have been a nature photographer for over more than 10 years and enjoyed every minute of it! I was born and raised in France, I came to Canada seven years ago to backpack during one year across the country. I arrived to the Yukon to experience a real winter in the Great North and I felt in love with the territory. To me, it is a real chance to play with the light and to witness the animal’s behavior and the harmony that nature offers, which creates a strong emotional state, a special feeling that I want to share. Photography is also a powerful tool for the advocacy of nature, that’s why I am stepping more into conservation photography, trying to awake minds contributing to save this beautiful nature.


My photographs have won numerous awards, both nationally and internationally.

  • Montier-en-Der International Nature Photo Competition (France)
    • 2014 | Special Prize of the Jury
    • 2012 | Landscapes – First Prize
    • 2012 | Choice of the Retailers Award – First Prize
  • AVES Emotion’Ailes Photo Competition (Belgium)
    • 2014 | The Man and the Bird – First Prize
  • Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Photo Competition (Canada)
    • 2012 | Mountain Landscape – Second Prize
    • 2012 | Mountain Flora/Fauna – Second Prize
    • 2012 | Mountain Flora/Fauna – Third Prize
  • Festimages Nature (France)
    • 2015 | Birds of the World – First Prize
  • Festival Image & Neige Photo Competition (France)
    • 2012 | Highly commended
  • Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards
    • 2013 | Feature Photo Award – Yukon News – Gold


Collectif Eresus-nature
Founder member of the group of nature photographer Eresus-nature.


National Geographic
Affiliated to National Geographic Creative.

Past Publications

Canadian Geographic Yukon, North Of Ordinary Nat'Images Fabuleux Alaska et Yukon Editions Calmann-Lévy Up Here Magazine Ranger Rick Jr. Yukon, North of Ordinary Canadian Geographic (December 2015) Tusaayaksat Magazine Up Here Dec-2017 Yukon North of Ordinary - Spring 2017

  • Canadian Geographic
  • Yukon North of Ordinary
  • Ranger Rick Jr
  • Up Here
  • Yukon News
  • Nat’Images
  • Fabuleux Alaska et Yukon (Ulysses Travel Guides)
  • Calmann-Lévy (Publisher)
  • Tusaayaksat Magazine

Solo Exhibition

  • 2013 | Montier-en-Der International Photo Festival (France)
  • 2010 | Whitehorse (Canada)